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Monday, October 15
5.1-magnitude quake takes place in Georgia

A 5.1-magnitude quake has taken place in Georgia. According to the seismological Monitoring Center, the epicenter of the quake was 13 kilometres north-east of the town of Tsnori.

The quake was felt in Tbilisi too.

President`s letter of condolence

President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili has expressed his deepest condolence regarding the death of Georgian military serviceman, Corporal Mindia Abashidze, who died while fulfilling his duties in Afghanistan.

The official letter of condolence was published on the website of the president.

The Minister of Defense of Georgia has also expressed his condolences to the friends and family of the late corporal.

Mindia Abashidze had been serving in the Georgian armed forces since August 2008. He headed the light infantry battalion of the 32nd brigade of the Georgian land forces.
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Investigation over 10-monthold baby`s murder in progress

In the Gurjaani police division of the interior ministry, interrogations over the murder of 10-month-old Barbare Rapaliani continue. Neighbors have been interrogated all day long at the division.

The process lasted at the Gurjaani police division all night. Members of an investigation group arrived in the town of Gurjaani from the capital Tbilisi.

Members of the Rapaliani family arrived at the police division to provide testimonies on Sunday. After the questioning, the murdered baby`s mother left the division without making any comment. Now lawyers are trying to ascertain who questioned the baby`s mother.

The 10-month-old baby was found killed in a jar in the village of Kolagi on September 30, 2012.Family members said they left the baby sleeping in the room and went downstairs to have a dinner.

The investigation is in progress under the clause of premeditated murder.
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Irakli Alasania – We Plan to Work on New Military Doctrine

Candidate for Defence Minister of Georgia, Irakli Alasania, plans to create a new military doctrine. Alasania said in an interview with Izvestia. He says he is going to analyze all military failures in Georgia with independent experts.

“I want to analyze all military failures from the day of independence up until the present day in Georgia. After the Rose Revolution, military assistance exceeded $3 billion for several years. How could everything be destroyed in several days and now almost a third of our territories are occupied? Public interest about what happened in 2008 is high. Why did Georgia turn out to be so unprotected when we have huge military expenses? We plan to work out a new military doctrine considering these analyses,” Irakli Alasania said. He said they will continue work to reform the Georgian military to comply with NATO standards. Georgian military units will stay in Afghanistan until the NATO mission is complete. Participation in international anti-terrorist coalition activity is our state’s obligation,” Alasania said.

IDPs break into building in Tbilisi

Internally Displaced Persons who have broken into a building in Bako Street No1, have been waiting for a relevant response.

18 families who had been living in various facilities in the suburbs of Tbilisi have broken into the building and refuse to leave it.

Representatives of the Ministry for Refugees and Accommodation said the building on Bako Street No 1 is intended for another group of IDPs.
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Miners have gone on strike in Tkibuli

Miners have been on strike since Saturday in the town of Tkibuli located in the Imereti Region. They are objecting to possible staff cuts and a reduction of salaries. The protestors say they were informed about the possible changes by their administration. The workers of the open-cut mine have also joined the protest demanding covering of their salary arrears.

The Georgian Dream's majoritarian MP candidate, Eliso Chapidze, met with the protestors yesterday and learned of their problems. The deputy director of the mine manager company has also met with the workers of the mine and denied the reports about staff cut and salary reduction.
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Windstorm inflicts serious damage on Kobuleti

A powerful windstorm has inflicted serious damage on the town of Kobuleti in the Adjara region yesterday. Aghmashenebeli and Rustaveli streets were affected most of all by the disaster. The windstorm has uprooted trees, torn the roofs off houses and broken windows. The windstorm was followed by heavy rain, which damaged the unroofed houses. Emergency services have been sent to provide first aid to the damaged families. Special groups are also working to count the damage.
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Italy`s police arrest two Georgians for theft

Italy`s police have arrested two Georgian nationals with charges of theft. They committed the robbery in two different trade centers of the city of Bari. A 31 year-old Georgian national was detained on the territory of the trade center a few minutes after he managed to take the things worth up to 300 EURO with the help of special bags, equipped so that the metal-detectors cannot detect the things put inside.The second robbery happened in one of the stores of the supermarket network. A 37 year-old man tried to run away from the supermarket, but he was detained by the trade center`s security guards.
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