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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Monday, October 15
My doubts came true, says Tortladze

Gia Tortladze alpinist and former PM expresses his doubts in his interview with Rezonansi about the pro-Russian orientation of Bidzina Ivanishvili and the top members of his coalition.

“My doubts came true. I find all the people gathered in the Georgian Dream coalition as pro Russian oriented. However, we should all wait for their statements and opinions. Personally, it is hard for me to understand what Ivanishvili says, because he changes his mind very often,” says Tortladze.

"Firstly, I want to know what will be his next steps, I wonder why Russia was financing him. Everything will be clear in a short period of time. I cannot comment on ministers, I will wait until he completes the appointment of the ministers. But some already appointed minister candidates are not acceptable for me, I mean the people who were working during Eduard Shevardnadze's presidency,” he added.

What should the new government change when it comes to power?

There are many talks what will the new leadership of Georgian Dream coalition do when comes to power. Rezonansi asked this question to society.

Dimitri Gabunia, lawyer: first of all they must carry out reforms in the judicial system. I think thinking and talking about other things are useless when the country does not have a free court. It must be changed and court should be free and uncontrolled by the authorities.

Gia Murgulia, philologist: In my opinion, the most important issue is the court and the judicial problems within the system. Second, I think it is very important to strengthen the self- government institutions. One of the priorities of the new leadership should be the improvement of the educational system. This is important in order to increase the professional level in Georgia.

Nato Gelashvili, singer: Many segments need changes. The most crucial issue is decreasing communal payments in the country. People are looking forward to see less money in communal services. Another important issue is creating jobs where more people will be employed. I know that it is impossible for all of this to happen at once, but over time, everything will be managed.