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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Wednesday, October 24
Why Shashkin left Georgia?

Georgia's former defense minister Dimitri Shashkin has posted on his Facebook wall that he made the decision to leave Georgia with the hope that he will have the opportunity to come back and continue to serve his country. He also said that he will not be surprised if people hear in the near future, many unprecedented stories about him.” Those who know me, do not believe [such things],” said Shashkini.

What was the reason he left Georgia? Rezonansi asked the public.

Keti Bekauri (lawyer): A long time ago Shashkini left Georgia and fled. He is as guilty as Adeishvili and the others who have left such a non-tolerant system. Shashkini destroyed the education system, and did nothing for the defense ministry. Zurab Adeishvili diminished the role of the ministry of justice. What Shashkin wrote as if he is a patriot of Georgian– no one will believe.

Vasil Maglaperidze (publicist): Shashkin was still the valid Minister of Defense. So that's what he did, he is a deserter. Perhaps he had committed a crime and that's why he escaped responsibility?

TV Mze under new name

Alia writes that as soon as TV Mze will be in the hands of its original and real owners, it will change its name and new staff will be employed there. Its name will be Mzera T.

Reportedly, the dismissed TV anchors and journalists have received an offer to begin working at a renewed TV channel. Among the invited journalists is Inga Grigolia, who has left politics a week before the elections and refused to take part in the majoritarian MP race from Christian Democratic Movement. Along with Grigolia, Vakho Sanaia will also appear on the TV station. He was dismissed from the Public Broadcaster a few weeks ago.