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Friday, October 26
Sergey Lavrov - I Hope Russian Citizens in Georgian Prison Will be Freed

Moscow hopes that all Russian citizens “illegally imprisoned” in Georgia will be released, Russian media reported Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as saying while meeting with his Swiss counterpart Didier Burkhalter.

“We hope our citizens, who are serving time in Georgian prisons due to illegal accusations, will be released,” Lavorv said.

He noted that “not a lot could be done” in terms of the previous Georgian government.

Lavrov highly assessed the work of the Swiss diplomats, who represent Russian interests in Georgia.

“I would say that they have been fulfilling their obligations perfectly,” Lavrov stated.

When asked how long Switzerland's mediation between Georgia and Russia would last, he said this question is not for him to answer.

“We didn’t cut diplomatic relations with Georgia. Mr. Saakashvili did,” Lavrov said. (IPN)

Cleaning service Cost to be halved from November till March

Cleaning service cost will be halved for 5 months from November till March. The decision was made during the joint sitting of commissions of Tbilisi City Assembly, which was attended by Deputy Mayor Tariel Khizaneishvili.

During the 5 months when electricity consumption is the highest, cleaning service will cost 2.5 Tetri per 1 kWh instead of 5 Tetri.

Allowances for socially vulnerable individuals will be preserved. City Hall will allot a subsidy for this purpose starting at the beginning of next year. The fact that people won’t receive the 1000 GEL voucher was the main justification.

City Assembly deputies consider work on this matter should continue to work out the best variant of the cleaning cost. MP Kakha Kukava said that City Assembly must wait for the appointment of Nodar Khaduri, the Minister of Finance, who has an initiative to separate cleaning service cost from the electricity usage.

City Assembly members will pass the final decision on friday. (IPN)

Goga Khachidze Arrived at Parliament by Bike

Member of Georgia’s parliament minority Goga Khachidze arrived at the parliament building on his bicycle. As he told journalists, Kutaisi makes it possible to travel by bike.

“I never say no to travel by bike when there is a possibility.

The former Minister of Environmental Protection is sure that in a while, a lot MPs will go to Parliament by bike.

“I’m sure a lot of MPs will join me soon, especially from the majority,” Goga Khachidze said. (IPN)

Rescuers searching for missing alpinist in Mestia

Mestia police officers and rescuers are searching for a 24 year-old tourist from Lithuania. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Tomas Taliunas arrived in Georgia on September 13th intending to climb Tetnuldi Peak. He had his last telephone conversation on October 23rd, and has disappeared since.

The representative of the Lithuanian embassy to Georgia, Iomantis Pabirzhis told that Tomas Taliunas was an amateur alpinist and joined a group of other alpinists in Mestia intending to climb Tetnuldi Peak. (Rustavi 2)

NGO "I Will Be Back" founded

Presentation of a new non-governmental organization "I Will Be Back" was held in Tbilisi today. The goal of the NGO is to protect the civil and political rights of Georgian nationals living abroad; their medical and physiological rehabilitation, exploration of economic and social environment in which they live and other areas, which aim at improving the life of Georgian immigrants.

Since the idea to form the organization was first voiced on October 1, 2012, founders of the NGO think this day should be announced as the day of immigrants. (Rustavi 2)

Poti Port workers hold protest

After the rallies and strikes held by the staff of the Georgian Railways and Chiatura coal mine, the employs of the Poti Port began their own protest on Thurseday. A warning rally began in the city in the morning - the protestors are demanding raises in salaries, improvement of working conditions and a review of the decision that was made to dismiss employees a year ago under what the protesters claim were unfair circumstances. Trade Unions and the Professional Union of Georgian Sailors are supporting the protestors. (Rustavi 2)

Woman tortured to death

Police found a 55 year-old woman`s corpse in her apartment on Zarzma Street last night. Expert-criminalists worked at the place of murder last night and took the body of the woman for autopsy, the conclusion of which will be issued in a few days. Police say the woman was tortured to death. In addition, police say natural gas was released in the apartment from the gas cooker. Police explained the murder was part of a robbery. (Rustavi 2)