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Do you welcome large scale amnesty?

Friday, October 26
“The first thing that the new minister should do is investigate those cases, which are under suspicion and those cases where people have been jailed due to their political views. Amnesty is not a bad thing, but I will not be happy if criminals and killers are released from prisons.”
Levan, lecturer, 54

“I think that many people have been arrested for no actual reason. There are people in prison who should be released. However, it is also not right to open the prison gate and allow everyone to leave. I have a friend who was arrested for drinking a bear in a shop; he was drunk at that time. He was sent to prison for 4 months for this and now he has a 6 years suspended sentence. Such cases should be carefully studied and prisoners should be released based on a review of the crime they had committed.
Tato, translator, 23

“Everybody should stay in prison who committed actual crimes. But everybody should be released who were imprisoned due to political reasons. Besides, the criminal code should be reviewed and the sentences of imprisonment should be reduced for people who, for example just stole a cow, or got in a fight. Personally, I also support the idea to decriminalize drugs, such as marijuana. It is unacceptable to punish people equally who smoked marijuana and who used cocaine. They should be separated.”
Tazo, musician 27

“I am in favor of releasing prisoners who were detained unfairly. Large scale amnesty does not mean releasing all prisoners. The cases will be studied and those who were convicted of light crimes or were imprisoned for no real reason will be released. I also want those people who were participating in the illegal imprisonment of people to be punished.”
Mzia, Teacher, 50

“I am in favor of a large scale amnesty. During the previous years the court system was unjust and many people were detained or imprisoned unfairly. That is why large scale amnesty is needed in the country.”
Davit, Student, 19

“Firstly, they should dismiss all the prison staff who committed such vandal acts against prisoners and then they should think about amnesty. The first category of pardoned people must be those who are ill, who are currently spending their last days in jails.”
Lamara, pensioner, 67