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Monday, November 5
Hillary Clinton speaks with President, Foreign Minister

A telephone conversation has been held between President Mikheil Saakashvili and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. According to the president’s official Facebook webpage, the main topic of the conversation was the progress made by Georgia on its way to NATO integration. The sides talked about the NATO foreign ministers’ ministerial too. Georgia’s progress in the process of integration to NATO will be discussed at the ministerial.

US Secretary of State has also talked to Georgia’s Foreign Minister Maia Panjikidze, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia says. The conversation was initiated by Hillary Clinton.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the US Secretary of State congratulated Maia Panjikdize on her appointment as minister and wished her success in her future efforts. US-Georgia relations were discussed during the conversation. The sides also talked about the US-Georgia strategic partnership charter and Georgia’s participation in the ISAF peacekeeping operation in Afghanistan. Hillary Clinton once again expressed the US’s steady support to Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The recent parliamentary elections were also considered during the conversation. The US Secretary of State invited Georgia’s Foreign Minister to the USA by the end of November.

Funeral ceremony for Georgian soldier killed in August war held

The funeral for Georgian soldier Corporal Rezo Alaverdashvili who was killed during the August War in 2008, was held in village of Nichbisi, in the Mtskheta region yesterday.

Corporal Rezo Alaverdashvili died at the age of 21. He had been registered as missed before this time. He was identified only after DNA analysis was undertaken. The army had not seen Corporal Rezo Alaverdashvili after the 9th of August when Georgians clashed with the rival side. Corporal Rezo Alaverdashvili had served in the 4th Infantry Brigade of the Georgian Armed Forces since 2007. He was awarded the “Devoted to the Homeland medal.”

Georgia`s Prime Minister and Defense Minister also visited Nichbisi to attend the ceremony and commemorate the fallen soldier.
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Gia Maisashvili says new Government supports his desire to be Tbilisi University rector

Gia Maisashvili expressed his readiness to be Tbilisi University Rector. He reports that the new government has information about his desire and there is support too. Gia Maisashvili told InterPressNews, the university is in stagnation. “We have to turn Tbilisi State University into the Harvard of the Caucasus. This should happen in three directions. Academic study should increase and factories should be created where students can practice.

Shota Khizanishvili appointed as a deputy mayor of Tbilisi

Former Deputy Interior Minister Shota Khizanishvili has been appointed as the deputy mayor of Tbilisi. He began his new post obligations a few days ago, a source told InterpressNews.

No official comments have been made with regard to Khizanishvili’s appointment yet.

Davit Alavidze and Davit Ninidze are other deputy mayors of Tbilisi.

Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources resigns

The Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Gia Kavtaradze, has resigned. He released this statement about his resignation:

"I decided to return to public service because I wanted to express support to my friend Kakha Kaladze. Sadly, there is an endless, groundless, deliberate and aggressive campaign against the Minister and me. There are some questions regarding the period when I was a justice minister in 2005-2007. I am ready to answer all questions,” the statement says.

According to him, everything that happens against Kakha Kaladze, including rumors around him are artificial. “I do not want to hinder Kakha Kaladze’s brilliant career that is awaiting him in the future. Thus, I made the decision to leave the post. Gia Kavtaradze was a justice minister in 2005-2007. The prison riot, which claimed victims, took place in that period.

Chief of Staff of Armed Forces resigns

Reportedly, the Chief of the United Staffs of the Georgian Armed Forces Giorgi Kalandadze has resigned, though the president has not signed his resignation yet. Kalandadze was appointed by President Saakashvili about a month ago.

General Kalandadze has been serving in the national armed forces since 1995 and he had worked as the head of the Fourth Infantry Brigade, chief designate of the land forces and the first deputy chief of the united staffs of the armed forces in this period.

Minister of Defense of Georgia, Irakli Alasania, will introduce the candidacy of the new chief of staff of the armed forces soon. According to Georgian legislation, it’s the responsibility of the Georgian president to appoint the new chief.

It has been reported that the Minister will present the candidacy of the brigade general Vakhtang Kapanadze, who had occupied this position once several years ago. Currently, Kapanadze works on one of the leading positions in the foreign intelligence office. Vakhtang Kapanadze is a U.S.-educated military serviceman; he is the academician of the Georgian Military Engineering Academy.
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