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Who would you like to see as rector of Tbilisi State University?

Monday, November 5
“I have heard about one of the possible candidates, Gia Maisashvili. He is perfect in his job. But I’d never liked his opinions and his radical actions and statements, also the manner of speaking. I can sincerely say I have personal antipathy toward him. So, I wish him not to be the rector of our university,”
Tatia, Language Specialist, 25

“Well, to tell you the truth, I have not thought on the issue and currently I have no favorite candidate… I am waiting for the naming of the candidates, after I will be able to express my view on the issue.”
Zaza, Security Specialist, 37

“I have no concrete candidate on the position. However, I am not crazy about one of the named figures, meaning Gia Maisashvili.”
Manana, Employed, 27

“I welcome Maisashvili's candidature to become the dean of the state university, he is a Harvard University graduate and a founder of the Leadership School. I believe he is capable to help to further develop the University.”
Ani, lawyer, 38

“I do not have a particular suggestion for the rector’s candidacy but I have heard that Gia Maisashvili wants to apply for this position. I absolutely discourage this idea because I think the head of TSU should be a very active and respected professor, who shares the values of the state university.”
Ilia, Economist, 27

“I graduated from Ilia state university so I am not very much familiar with the professors of the state university but I am sure it will not be that difficult to find a person who will run the number one state university by preserving its past and developing its future.”
Tako, Traveler, 22

“Being a head of TSU is very important responsibility and it’s vital to carefully select its head. I do not have a particular candidacy for this position but I think not everyone deserves being its head. TSU’s head should not only be a wise person, but also be familiar with the values and strategies of the university and do his or her best to restore the status of the university which has been somehow politically biased and thus disrespected in recent years. I graduated from TSU and my children should do the same so I want to be sure that it has impartial administration.”
Elene, Teacher, 34