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Do you think the Public Defender should defend everybody’s rights including religious, ethnic, sexual minorities?

Thursday, November 8
“I think that the Public Defender should defend the rights of all Georgian citizens. Perhaps there are some figures inside the country who are disliked and hated by the public. However it is the Ombudsman’s direct responsibility to protect everyone.”
Tato, Translator, 22

“Of course I do. All the minorities are part of our society however different they might be and therefore the Public Defender has to pay equal attention to all groups. I am from the Armenian minority, by the way.”
Albert, Student, 23

“I think that the Public Defender should be very experienced and educated and love people. He/she should defend our rights. However, in Georgia it is difficult to defend the rights of sexual minorities. No one insults them if they do not try to hold parades. If the greater part of society does not support something society’s interest should be taken into consideration. As for ethnic or religious minorities they have never had problems in Georgia.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“Religious, ethnic, sexual minorities are members of our society and they should have a chance to enjoy every right they are entitled by law. It is the Public Defender’s major duty to defend people and their rights, regardless of the public attitude towards them. Minorities are our citizens too.”
David, IT support, 28

“Public defender should be a very skillful lawyer first of all, and every professional knows that their duties should not be selective. Minorities are among us and Georgians have always been very friendly to ethnic and religious minorities. As for sexual minorities it may be a bit difficult for us to accept them but this should not affect protection of their rights in this country.”
Saba, Lawyer, 27

“Yes and again yes. Even though Georgia is a country based on old traditions modern society has developed in such a way that we now live next to LGBT individuals or other different groups of people who also need protection of their rights.”
Nino, Journalist, 28

“A Public Defender is a person who is responsible for protecting the rights of every citizen living in the country. Maybe we all have our personal biases but the Ombudsman should be free from any social or political orientation.”
Niko, Musician, 31