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Do you think Irakli Okruashvili is a political prisoner? Why he has returned to Georgia?

Wednesday, November 21
“Yes, I think that Irakli Okruashvili was politically persecuted and his interests sacrificed to the previous government. I also think that Okruashvili’s arrival is in the interest of the current government, as Okruashvili knows much and his testimonies will be significant against the former government and President Saakashvili.”
Mano, Editor, 28

“I do not think that Okruashvili is a political prisoner. He could not come to the country while the National Movement was in power. If he is innocent, the country will justify him.”
Nana, Student, 21

“As it seems, Okruashvili hopes that the new government will be tolerant to him and will forgive all his past actions. If Okruashvili forgot, people remember how strict and rude he was towards soldiers and how he was invading homes. There were invasions in churches as well, all the issues should be appropriately investigated and adequately addressed. He is not a political prisoner."
Gogla, IT specialist, 27

“I think that everything that happened recently is staged and this case is no exception. Okruashvili makes "loud" announcements as I saw the statements from different sides. News agencies are full of their comments: experts and everybody is discussing the issue, so there is big interest and everyone waits for something. I do not know exactly what, but the interest is quite high towards him.”
Keti, MA Student, 21

“I think he will not be imprisoned. It is just a 'show'. He will be released very soon and will enter big politics once again.”
Albert, Reporter, 23

“All these political scandals are very vague to me. Every government claims that it is the most fair and it can fulfill everyone’s dreams. I do not only mean the current government. I remember Saakashvili claiming the same and even Shevardnadze, but they all play the same game with the same rules. This is why I am really confused. I do not know whom to believe and how to act. I will just follow the stories and try to remain unbiased.”
Elene, Doctor, 36