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Do you think construction process should be stopped at Rike Park? Would you welcome building a church instead of entertainment facilities?

Thursday, November 22
Well, unfortunately I have no information what is ongoing in this regard. What is being constructed there? … In general, I prefer church to be built in such a historical place rather than some entertaining facilities.
Sopo, Social Worker, 24

“I think that it is a bad idea... There is a church near Rike - Metekhi. I do not see any necessity of building a new church in 50 meters from another one.”
Revaz, MA Student, 22

“It is an old historical place and I think that all construction which will be built there should be in the old architecture. It is important as tourists for example to come to the country to see the old architecture and not modern glass buildings. I support a church to be built, as well as some other non-religious constructions as well which will be interesting and will not damage the old image of the area.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“I think it should be stopped but I don't encourage a church instead of that nonsense either.”
Magda, MA Student, 23

“I think the more churches we will have in the country the better for us because in the world of mistrust people lack faith. Moreover I think it is absolutely necessary to preserve the cultural heritage of Tbilisi and avoid installing vaguely designed buildings like the one at Rike Park.”
Salome, Teacher, 34

“I actually like Rike Park but cannot say the same about the huge construction. I think it needs serious negotiation what, when and where should be open or built in Tbilisi and all over Georgia.”
Ia, Writer, 41