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SOCAR cuts automobile gasoline export in 2012

Thursday, December 10
The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan exported 60,142 tons of automobile gasoline in 2012.

The statement came from sources in SOCAR.

Production export has dropped by 36,395 tons.

Automobile gasoline export was 5,678 tons in January, 7,573 tons in February, 5,922 tons in March, 5,476 tons in April, 8,440 tons in May, 7,689 tons in June, 2,328 tons in July, 6,383 tons in August, 8,665 tons in September, no export was fixed in October and November and in December it made 1,985 tons.

SOCAR exported 96,537 tons of automobile gasoline by results of 2011. (News.Az)