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Monday, February 18
Violence against women discouraged by performance

Tabula reads that a performance was staged at Rustaveli Avenue discouraging sexual violence against women. The event was organized by the Women’s Right – Art in Action! Supported by Estonian Embassy to Georgia, the played aimed at raising public awareness towards women’s issues. The idea of the performance was to show the life of a woman who became the victim of violence and show what kinds of violence a women can experience during her life and how she can find the strength to overcome the trauma, resist the offender and break “the chain.”

Compensation money to end in 2-3 weeks

The Cartu Group distributed 35 million GEL in compensation to 175, 000 families in Kakheti. Rezonansi reports that according to the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, 90% of the families affected by the rainstorm last July will receive compensations, while the cases of those who have been protesting the amount of the money will also be studied.

Deputy Minister of Development Tengiz Shergelashvili says every family who really suffered from the storm will be provided with compensation.

However, Shergelashvili said there were several cases of rainstorm in Georgia throughout the last year. Deputy Minister said that compensation will be distributed to families who faced the most serious loss in July and August.

Number of victims of compulsory labor reaches 21 million throughout the world

The International Labour Organization released an annual report on February 8 in Geneva, which stated that over 21 million people worldwide are the victims of compulsory labor.

19 million of these individuals work for private entrepreneurs, while the rest work at state offices. People often become victims of criminal gangs. An international conference is underway to find and eradicate the problem of compulsory labor and to create additional guarantees to avoid similar cases in the future, as well as ensure the rehabilitation of victims of exploitation.