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What do you think of the letter written to the US Secretary of State regarding Georgia's democratic development?

Monday, February 18
“Well, I do not agree the statement and such an approach… I consider that under the new leadership Georgia will develop more and achieve more success than it has achieved during the governance of the former government. Not much time has passed since the GD arrived and positive changes are already obvious.”
Tekla, Pupil, 17

“I do not think that under the new Government of Georgia, the country’s development or success should be in question…”
Nino, Student, 18

“It is actually funny, one incident has happened and they immediately appeared to be concerned. The incident outside the national library was wrong and unpleasant of course, but if a group of anxious people decided to protest, it does not immediately mean that the country is losing democratic standards. ”
Nia, marketing manager, 31

“Well, U.S has very particular interests in the region but they should try to stay away from our internal affairs.”
David, student, 21

“I think that their estimation is early but despite this I hope that our political leaders will take it into account and will try to recover our reputation.”
Giga, student, 21

“Latest events in Georgia increased the threat to democratic development, so I am not surprised that from American senators we received such a conclusion.”
Tiko, teacher, 25

“I think neither the US nor any other country should interfere into Georgian internal political life.”
Nodar, Biologist, 35