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What changes would you make in the labor code?

Wednesday, April 3
“I usually work from 10 am to 6 pm in general which is 8 hours, but sometimes I even end the day at around 8 or 9 – depends on the amount of documents I have to translate.”
Elene, Translator, 27

“I am a driver, which means I am my own boss but I would prefer working for a particular amount of time and receive a fixed salary instead of sparing precious hours waiting for a client.”
Nugzar, Driver, 52

“I am a free contractor that the labour code does not cover, so I don't even know it.”
Tamar, Translator, 24

“Well, I think that the Labour code that we have currently is really horrible and violates the rights of the employees. In general, everything depends on employers: how much salary he wants to give, how long he wants you to work, when he dismisses you from the job and so on…this attitude is really unfair. I would like the rights of employees to be protected. Minimal salary should be set and the employer should not have right to make all the decisions on his own.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“Our labor code is absolutely useless; it is created only for the employer. I feel how my rights are being violated at work and there’s nothing I can do about it, just because the regulations do not allow me to.”
Sali, project officer, 25

“I think we need to have a new labor code written, as the current one is far from international standards. Even a minor protection of the right of employees is not provided. In case of being mistreated by the employer there is nothing you can do.”
Zaza, 34, logistics manager

“Ideally, I would love to have 6 hour work days, but I realize the Georgian labor code will never allow it, but an established labor policy should at least approach international standards, because employees in this country are unprotected. The code we have serves only for the employers, they are even allowed to dismiss people without providing any explanation, which is totally wrong.”
David, 24, law student