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What are the main problems that you face in the area you live in (both rural and urban)?

Friday, April 12
"Well, I am from the Dusheti region and there are lots of problems. Socials problems are really very serious, people do not even have bread to feed children and themselves. Healthcare is also unavailable. There are some other problems as well that should be solved."
Ani, Student, 18

"I think that the major problem in the area I live is unemployment. There are no jobs and people do not have income. One of the main problems is healthcare, as people cannot see doctors due to lack of finances."
Peride, economist, 25

"The main problems that I come across are unemployment, lack of healthcare institutions, etc."
Ana, interpreter, 24

"As far as I can observe unemployment is the main problem in my vicinity and unfortunately, in the whole country as well!"
Lili, housewife, 37

"The non-existence of recreation zones in most areas of Tbilisi is a serious problem for me because the level of pollution is really high. The main problem outside of the capital is that the regions still lack irrigation systems as well as accessibility to consumer goods. People have to travel to Tbilisi to buy things for their families at least once a week."
Nino, teacher, 31

"When I arrive at my grandparents' house in Mtiuleti they always worry that there is no water running in the tap and they have no natural gas and thus face utility problems on the daily basis. They have to use wood ovens for cooking even in summer and bring water from the nearby spring."
Nodar, MA student, 23

"Poverty is the main problem everywhere ...people are jobless and they are hardly making ends meet. When I go to my village I see people who are totally dependent on agriculture, they donít have jobs. There are no roads outside of big cities and no running water."
Salome, service expert, 27