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Georgia continuing to diversify its export markets

By Messenger Staff
Friday, April 26
When Russia imposed a ban on Georgian wines and mineral water in 2006, it aimed at totally destroying Georgia's economy. And indeed, the Georgian economy almost collapsed, because up until that point almost all Georgian wine and mineral water was exported to Russia. It was out of urgent necessity that Georgia was forced to start diversifying its export market.

The marketing process is a slow and difficult path-the country had to start its marketing campaign from zero. Under such circumstances, government support is very important. The Ministry of the Economy as well as Ministries of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs were involved in the process of assisting Georgian business organizations and businessmen in successfully marketing their products to new foreign markets. Appropriate bilateral agreements were signed with the cooperation of various ministries and the business community.

It is dangerous to only market your products to a limited number of countries. Business should be diversified as much as possible. Hopefully, the country’s current government is committed to continue this direction. Let us hope they are successful.