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What do you think is the main social problem in Georgia and how should it be solved?

Friday, April 26
“Well, I think that the major problem in the country is unemployment and that thousands of people are at the edge of extreme poverty. I think that the government should be more attentive towards socially vulnerable people. Jobs should be created or some monetary assistance should be given to them.”
Nainuki, student, 21

“Unemployment of course is the main problem of Georgia. I think that tourism can assist the country in economic development by increasing government revenue and creating new jobs.
Shota, student, 22

“There are many beggars in the streets and that's quite sad.”
Salome, MA student, 23

“I think there is lack of jobs. For example, taxi drivers have three diplomas at home but they are just taxi drivers. The government should make serious plans to solve this problem.”
Ninia, PR manager, 31

“The major problem is a lack of jobs of course. The majority of the population is unemployed. I’m not sure how this problem can be solved, but it is obvious that living standards in Georgia are very low.”
Nona, office manager, 22

“I think first of all we need affordable healthcare. Medical treatment is extremely expensive in Georgia and the insurance plans the government offers do not cover a majority of medical expenses.”
Sandro, economist, 37

“Unemployment and low salaries. Those who are lucky enough to have a job usually have a whole family as dependanst and it's very difficult because salaries at most Georgian companies are quite low.”
Katy, teacher, 41