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Do you think Georgia should celebrate May 9th?

Friday, May 10
I know that 700,000 Georgians were called to against the fascist army and 300,000 were killed. Georgian should celebrate the day as the contribution of Georgians in the Second World War was significant.
Shota, student, 21

"We should always mark the day as Georgia had the biggest proportional loss in the war among all Soviet republics."
Goga, engineer, 42

"It is the day of victory against fascism. To be honest I don't celebrate the day, I don't feel the same way towards it as those people who took part in the war. However, I respect them and the day.
Lasha, musician, 30

"It is the day when the Soviet Union and allied states achieved victory against fascism. I do not think that Georgian veterans are respected as they should be."
Nana, student, 21

"We should definitely celebrate the day; it is a day of victory over Nazis. Veterans are not appreciated as they deserve to be, they have to live on a very low pension and face many social problems. They are real heroes, and exist today because of their heroism."
Mako, interpreter, 23

"I'm a student in international relations, so I know a lot about World War II. The day is important of course and everyone needs to celebrate it. We should appreciate those who fought for us in the war. They are not Soviet heroes, as many call them, they are heroes of our country, who helped many nations survive."
Lasha, student, 21

"The day is important, but I've never celebrated it much- I don't know why. The government definitely has to do something better for veterans, as they are forgotten and ignored. These people should be appreciated as they deserve to be."
Ani, Writer, 31