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Poverty still the major problem for Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, May 14
According to experts, Georgia’s economic growth has slowed. However, Georgia’s previous leadership assured the population that there was economic growth in the country. The result of this growth was not visible at all, as the level of the poverty has not significantly decreased. On the contrary, according to unofficial information, the level of poverty in Georgia and the rate of unemployment have been increasing.

The analysts suggest that to have visible results in the economic situation of the country, a certain period of time is needed. With the new government, Georgia has established that business can be free from political pressure. Now it needs some time to gain confidence and start to increase its speed. Economic developments have inertia. Business is still recovering very slowly. There is still a problem in the country with investment. The level of investment in the country has been rather poor so far.

Parliamentary Chairman Davit Usupashvili named several factors: first, it is deliberate propaganda delivered by the former ruling UNM that is disseminating panic and breeds mistrust of the new policies established by the current leadership. The UNM deliberately tries to exercise so-called black PR regarding the current situation in Georgia.

This issue creates the grounds for the second argument – investors all around the world are looking for a stable country to safely invest their money. Therefore, they are still skeptical towards the claims of Georgia’s current leadership over the favorable business environment in the country. However, all this needs time.