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What is the safest food in Georgia? Why do you think so?

Tuesday, May 14
“I think that there is no safe food in Georgia, because the environment itself is poisoned both in Georgia and around the world. The difference is that in Georgia it is less unhealthy, but still not safe.”
Vika, Interpreter, 35

“Natural products produced in the villages are the safest! But unfortunately, farmers who cultivate their plants without the chemicals can hardly sell their products in the cities. More likely they either consume their own products or sell it in their regions. As a result, it is almost impossible for the person living in the urban areas to buy ecologically safe products.”
Keti, Lawyer, 25

“The food is safest in the high mountains where people are using and producing everything natural. However, it is a very rare “luxury” because we, the people living and working in the cities or towns, unfortunately have to eat imported eggs, drink Turkish juices and breathe polluted air.”
Ilia, Essayist, 34

“The food is safest in village farms. I’m a bit suspicious about the food we get from local markets. Imported food is the most unsafe I think, especially those imported from Turkey and it is relatively affordable compared to local food. I’d rather pay more and get organic food for myself.”
Tamar, housewife, 52

“I’m not sure about the safest food, but meat has to be the most unsafe one. I’ve heard meats get imported from India and Brazil. Meat from these countries is banned in many states, but somehow our government is OK with allowing it in Georgia. My family buys meet only in our village from local farmers.”
Gia, executive manager, 42

I think that there is not safe food in Georgia, as there is not food control in our country. In my opinion, the safest food is only in the village.
Nana, Student, 21

“There is no 100% safe food in Georgia.”
Ani, Language Specialist, 25