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Problems with grazing pastures in Georgia

By Messenger staff
Thursday, May 16
Before leaving the governing position, UNM left yet another time-bomb for Georgian agriculture. Now it became known that the UNM administration was secretly selling land plots around the country to foreign buyers. These plots of lands were used by the local population as pastures – for cattle to graze. Now many rural residents are facing the problem of where to graze their cattle, as the new owners claim their lands and do not allow the farmers to use them. Leader of Free Georgia, Kakha Kukava, reports that up to 70 villages and their residents face similar problems. The new owners of the lands hail from various countries. The farmers are protesting, as all these foreigners are honest buyers and they claim their rights on the land, while the farmers are also determined to protect their rights claiming their lands back. So Ivanishvili’s governance has to face this challenge as well.