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Special institution for addicts

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, May 16
A special institution will be built for drug-addicts. The statement concerning the issue was made by the Minister of Penitentiary and Corrections, Sozar Subari, on April 15. The minister voiced news regarding three special prisons as well, and stressed that a confidential archive was detected within the ministry, including footage of people secretly filmed in their cells.

"We are going to build a prison where drug-addicts will be given adequate treatment. This will reduce the number of drug-abusers and will give them a chance at a normal life," Subari said, adding that a tender will also be declared for equipment for the Prison Hospital of the Republic and vacancies will be announced for staff.

Subari stressed that a new building will be opened in Gldani soon where the inmates spend the last part of their sentence. The minister explained that the inmates will also receive education there, will work and have an opportunity to spend two days a week at home.

"We plan to open the second of this type of building for women as well," Subari said.

Subari emphasized that a special building will also be opened for life prisoners.

Concerning the conditions of the penitentiary institutions, Subari admitted that the Zugdidi penitentiary institution will be closed due to its poor condition. Subari stated that those prisons that might be rehabilitated will be restored and those that are too damaged will be closed.

The minister touched upon the issues related with some other state structures. According to him, a week ago, a confidential archive was found at the ministry revealing the video footage secretly filmed in cells.

"The archive was practically empty. However, we managed to find a small part of it. The prosecutor's office was carrying out the process and the materials are at prosecutor's office now, I do not know what is in the footage," Subari said.

Subari also stated that the Prosecutor’s office has large amounts of information on what was going on at the penitentiary institutions.

“More than 2,300 inmates were questioned, hundreds of former and acting staff of the ministry. All the information will be sent to the court very soon,” Subari stated.

He stressed that the individuals who participated and had a connection to the prisoners’ torture have been dismissed and their cases have been sent to court.

“We took into consideration all the remarks of the public defender’s office,” Subari said.

Subari said that 9 inmates died at the penitentiary institutions this year. This is a lower figure compared to in years past.