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Do you think the Georgian servicemen should participate in ISAF mission in Afghanistan? Why?

Thursday, May 16
“I think Georgian servicemen absolutely should not participate in ISAF mission in Afghanistan. Nobody has the right to interfere from outside into internal policy of this or other country. These kinds of missions are designed to exacerbate the political situation in the world.”
Vika, Housewife, 35

“I think that yes, Georgian servicemen should participate in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan. I understand that this is very complicated and risky but, if a country wants to be totally adequate to the processes taking place in the world, Georgia should not be an exception and should contribute in peace-building attempts.”
Diana, PR Manager, 29

“I do not like the ISAF mission, especially Georgia’s participation in the mission. I think that it is pure political step; we are giving out Georgian soldiers and on expense that we get something. At the same time it is difficult to say that Afghans are wrong as they are fighting on their own land. If the situation was in Georgia we would also fight for our territory. The ISAF mission is our sacrifice for the world politics.”
Levan, Student, 21

I think that Georgians should take part in the mission because it is important for our military forces and also it's important for our country on the international level.”
Nino, language specialist, 25

“No. Because it causes senseless death. But desirable or not, we have to participate at this moment due to the agreement between countries.”
Sopo, NGO employee, 25

“I am a pacifist. I am absolutely against any war. Let us make love instead of war!”
Mari, MA Student, 24

“Participation of Georgian contingent in ISAF mission was the part of Saakashvili's PR campaign to attract the attention of the US and gain political scores.”
Levan, Historian, 32

“They should not. It is waste of their lives. We are losing our soldiers in other’s wars with no reason. I understand that the country strives to join NATO and therefore we participate in ISAF mission as the partners to the alliance, but I think the price for the membership is too high.”
Sergi, financial analyst, 29