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What do you think about celebrating the International Day against Homophobia on May 17th?

Friday, May 17
"I think that it would be better not to celebrate it as local citizens will react very negatively towards it. I personally do not plan to join it though that doesn't mean that I am not against homophobia!"
Diana, housewife, 28

"I think the Georgian government should do the same thing that Putin did - forbid rallies of lesbians and homosexuals for 100 years."
Nini, graduate student, 25

"I do not support holding this type of demonstration. No one bothers them. I appeal to the government in the name of the Georgian patriarchate to not let the LGBT demonstration take place."
Niko, civil society representative, 50

"Well, I am not going to join the demonstration as I love women and I am confident in my traditional orientation. As for LGBT, if they are not dangerous to the public and live quietly on their own, then leave them alone democracy is a form of governance where all sexual, religious or ethnic representatives live together freely and do not threaten one another."
Lasha, IT specialist, 30

"I think that everyone has a right of expression, LGBT among them. I am not going to join the demonstration, I will be there as a journalist."
Nino, Journalist, 26