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How will attitudes within the international community change towards Georgia after the May 17 events?

Tuesday, May 21
I think that it was a very unpleasant situation and the police did not take enough measures to prevent this violence. However, I do not think that it will change international attitude towards Georgia.”
Nino, philologer, 25

“Of course the international assessments of the April 17 violence events are important for me. I hope that the situation will not hinder Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration.”
Nino, Journalist, 26

“It depends on our puppet government how they will act. Currently, Georgia has a too significant international function; Georgia is a corridor between Europe and Asia that enables us to carry out our interests. It is dependent on the government how they will use this ace.”
Goga, Engineer, 42

“I’m fed up with these situations. Of course it will change the attitude, we acted like animals.”
Ani, Language specialist, 25

“I am sure the myth about Georgia as a Beacon of Democracy has been broken. Now the international community will more probably think we have jungles here and live like animals.”
Mari, Journalist, 24

“I think nothing will change in the attitude of the international society because Georgia is developing politically and economically and freedom of expression is just one slice of a pie while those LGBT people will probably have more hatred and fear.”
Nino, Photographer, 21

“It will be good if the West will change its attitude towards Georgia and understand that homosexuality cannot be approved in our country only because we have freedom of expression. Georgia has its own traditions of lifestyle, and it should not be a surprise for anyone that there are people in Georgia who can never accept the LGBT rallies. Let them live however they like, but why do they need to hold rallies promoting their rights? If they do not like our mentality let them go to those countries where homosexuality is welcomed and a lot of people around me feel the same.”
Kakha, Engineer, 41

"I don't think the attitude will or should change towards Georgia. Similar incident happens in Western countries also and quite frequently, so I don't think it should affect our international image."
Nina, MA student, 23

"I've already heard some negative assessments of Friday's incident form Western countries. I don't think this one fact will have a bad impact on international attitude towards Georgia, but we should be careful, similar clashes should not take place in a democratic country."
Helen, Service manager, 36