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Museum Day celebrated in Georgia

By Messenger staff
Wednesday, May 22
May 18 is the International Day of Museums when entrance to every museum-reserve is usually free. The Uplistsikhe historic-architect museum-reserve hosted a performance of Greek mythology; followed by the opening of the rehabilitated museum. An informational tour around the museum-reserve aimed at raising awareness over the trade importance of Uplistsikhe. For one day Uplistsikhe revived its historical traditions and hosted a variety of cultural events from baking bread to thick felt exhibition.

The Young Scientific Conference was held at Nokalakevi architectural-archaeological museum-reserve and focused on the importance of Nokalakevi on the same day, and was followed by a folklore concert.

Vardzia historic-architectural museum-reserve hosted a conference about the importance of Vardzia; Guria archaeological museum-reserve – the role of museums in promotion of the country’s history and its popularization; the role of modern museums in the protection of cultural heritage, research and popularization was held at Gremi museum; Borjomi museum also hosted various conferences dedicated to the Day of Museums. Presentation of the life and work of Niko Pirosmanashvili was also held at the Pirosmanashvili State Museum and accompanied by literature events.

Various activities and events were dedicated to the Day of Museums all over the country.