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Friday, May 24
Events financed by the Ministry of Culture in 2013

The Ministry of Culture and Heritage protection spent 486, 582 GEL (5 3,5452 USD, 41 029 EUR, 47, 500 RUB, 9 750 CHF) on social and cultural events, Liberali reports. Detailed information was published by the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI).

99,550 GEL was transferred to the Union of Blind in Georgia and 61,714 GEL was spent on Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Associationís participation at the Leipzig Book Exhibition Fire. Also, the Ministry spent 50, 750 GEL on publishing the Patriarchís epistles in English.

Lack of information among journalists provokes hate speech in population

Media.Ge reports that according to the Media Development Foundation (MDF), journalists of the media union and of Obiektivi newspapers, namely Asaval Dasavali, Kviris Kronika and Kviris Palitra, either are sources of hate speech or share the discriminative, racist and homophobic expressions of their correspondents.

MDF published a pamphlet on the results of monitoring hate speech in the Georgian media. Within the framework of the project strengthening of the National Integration in Georgia, the organization studied 6 newspapers, News of 6 TV Channels and evening talk shows. The study revealed that in several cases the lack of information among journalists has provoked hate speech in the population.