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How fair is it to charge the priests in connection with incident that took place on May 17th?

Friday, May 24
“I think it is fair, because being a priest does not mean that you are God and you cannot be convicted. They are ordinary citizens, who had inspired people to violence. Thus, I think they must be charged and punished.”
Tamta, Juornalist, 24

“Those who are accountable must be punished. Even if they are priests, so I approve of the charge.”
Sophio, Producer, 27

“Every single Georgian citizen is equal in the eyes of the law. The black robe doesn't make priests better than others. They should take responsibility for their actions and that will be a clear sign to other religious fanatics in Georgia.”
Temo, Journalist, 27

“I think it's unfair to charge the priests concerning what happened on May 17th . I think that spiritual leaders must be more careful the next time.”
Ani, Language Specialist, 25

“ Priests should not be charged or sentenced.”
Keti, Teacher, 25

“ I prefer one violent priest to 10, 000 gays.”
Aleko, Engineer. 40