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Monday, May 27
PM wants to appoint a new minister of agriculture

The Prime Minister has sent official document to the president to confirm the candidacy of Shalva Pipia as the minister of agriculture. The previous minister resigned from his position due to a scandal of machinations revealed in the ministry, which ended in the detention of several employees. The Prime Minister explained that according to Georgian legislation, the term for the work of the interim minister has expired and therefore, a new minister has to be appointed. However, the Prime Minister did not deny that he was wishing to see Kirvalidze back on his position if his innocence in the revealed scandal is proven.
(Rustavi 2)

PACE president to visit Georgia

Jan-Claude Mignon, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), will have an official two-day visit to Georgia on May 28-29. During the visit, he will meet the president of the country, Prime Minister, speaker of the parliament, Minister of Foreign affairs, Vice Prime Minister and Minister for education and science as well as the state Minister of Reintegration.
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“Local Leaders for Innovative Education” – Second round of trainings

On May 22- 24, in the frames of the project – “Local Leaders for Innovative Education”, the second round of trainings were conducted.

The topic was as follows: Creativity in education: methodology and opportunities in everyday school practice.

The project's leading organization “Partners for Democratic Change - Slovakia” representative, Dusan Ondrusek conducted the trainings.

In total, four rounds of trainings are planned to be held during the project.

The first trainings, which were attended by 18 teachers and scientists launched on April 24-26 and the topic was: Active teaching: methodology, effectiveness, influencing values, students’ behavior and students’ relationship towards learning.

After finishing the abovementioned course, the participants will be able to use their new experience and skills in their schools, as well as have the chance to implement cooperation projects.

The project is financed by Visegrad International Fund and is being implemented by the NGOs Partners for Democratic Change” (including 5 organizations) and the Innovative Education Foundation.
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President talks about importance of international support with Ukrainian TV

President Mikheil Saakashvili has given an interview to the Ukrainian TV network ‘Inter’. Excerpts from the interview are posted on the President’s Facebook page.

The President talked about the importance of international support for Georgia, saying it was of vital importance.

"Loss of international support would be like suicide for Georgia. Ukraine is a large country and it may afford itself to apply some sort of maneuver. Georgia cannot afford it. We face a threat to our existence almost every day. We cannot allow the loss of support from the West - Europe, America, the democratic world," said the President in the interview.

The president also made a comment about the May 17 event, saying such things should not happen in a civilized and democratic country.

‘A rally of sexual minorities was held in Tbilisi. Incredible methods were used against them by extremists, including religious groups. The methods were not in compliance with the civilized norms and the standards of democracy," the President emphasized.

Graves of Sandro Girgvliani and his mother robbed

The graves of Sandro Girgvliani – who died in the controversial 2006 incident – and his mother, Irina Enukidze, at the Saburtalo Cemetery, were found robbed the morning of May 24. Girgvliani’s father, Guram, said the cemetery cleaner had discovered the bronze cross of the gravestone missing.

Guram Girgvliani said the wrongdoers could not have removed the cross without using special equipment. He also said he had not contacted law enforcement agencies, but police had arrived at the scene on their own initiative and began investigating the matter. He stated that he had suspicions about the incident’s possible link with the arrest of two Interior Ministry high-ranking officials some days ago.
(Georgian News TV)

Radio Ar Daidardo Enjoys Majority of Listeners in Georgia

Radio Ar Daidardo (Don't Worry) enjoys many listeners in Georgia, says the report of a survey carried out within the framework of IREX G-Media program.

TNS Market Intelligences Caucasus conducted the survey for three months (February, March, April). Within the reporting period, 13,647 respondents were interviewed either via phone or directly.

During the reporting period, 56 percent of respondents have not listened to the radio in the past month, 44 percent listened to the radio during the previous day and for the past week.

As for the cities, the number of radio listeners is overwhelming in Kutaisi and Akhaltsikhe (52 percent), followed by Rustavi with 50 percent and Tbilisi with 49 percent, 47 percent of respondents listen to the radio in Telavi, 46 percent in Khashuri and Samtredia, 28 percent in Gori, 25 percent in Poti, 23 percent in Lagodekhi and 13 percent in Zugdidi.

A great majority of respondents listen to the radio at home, 30 percent in the car.

As for radio equipment, 32 percent listen to the radio through players in the car, 25 percent through radio receivers, 22 percent via mobile phones, 10 percent through iPad, 7 percent listens to the radio online and 6 percent through radio cassette recorders.

According to the survey, the weekly audience of radio stations looks as follows - radio Ar Daidardo – 51 percent, Fortuna Plus – 20 percent, Fortuna – 18 percent, Autoradio and Abkhazetis Khma (Voice of Abkhazia) - 17 percent, radio Imedi – 11 percent, Green Wave – 6 percent, Muse – 2 percent, Mtavari Radio (Main Radio) – 1 percent.

The survey, which started in January, and whose interim report was released in March, is still going on. The presentation of the upcoming survey is scheduled to be held in September.