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Car crashes decrease in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Friday, May 31
According to data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the number of car crashes has decreased in Georgia; however, the situation is still alarming. Kvela Siakhle has issued a report on this matter. In 2009, 5,482 accidents were registered with the death of 741 people and 8,324 injured. In 2011, 2,595 such accidents were registered, killing 198 and injuring 3,672. However, the results of 2012 are not available yet. The report said the decrease of cases is the result of safety measures taken by the police, including the obligatory use of safety belts, the regulation of road infrastructure, the installation of traffic lights, as well as the increase in the use of surveillance cameras and the amount of fines. However, the low quality of drivers, driving whilst under the influence of alcohol and some other road violations like speeding are still occurring.