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What is your opinion about selling Georgian agricultural lands to foreigners?

Friday, May 31
“I totally welcome the selling of land to foreigners, because what is the use of having land when you do not cultivate and produce a harvest? It would be an investment because those who will buy the land will pay the relevant taxes to the state and also sell locally harvested produce, which I think would be cheaper compared to imported products.”
Tako, Reporter, 26

“At the very least, this issue should be tightly regulated so that the country will also benefit from selling lands to foreigners.”
Lile, PR Manager, 23

“I think that the interests must be protected in this way and the legal part of the administrative code should be modified based on Georgian state interests.”
Nino, NGO member, 25

“I think that selling Georgian lands to foreign citizens is an anti-state action and the action was first launched during the leadership of the former government. Foreign businessmen should come to Georgia and start businesses but we should sell them our lands only pursuant to legislation. We do not have an enviable demographic situation and we should think about it… if foreigners come to our country in large groups, buy land and settle on these lands, this will be a serious threat to our statehood. I consider that selling land to foreigners must be prohibited through legislation.
Tsutsi, Schientist, 46

“Whether land is for sale or not is up to the owner and not me. If I had land, I would not sell it because I have older relatives who could work on it and who have the relevant experience. The only thing I would personally strive for is collecting necessary finances. If a person has neither experience nor finances to look after the land, it pushes him to sell it. This is quite a natural process I think. It doesn't matter who buys the land, a foreigner or a native. I don't care. The only thing I care is that Georgians have to sell land because they are too lazy to work or the situation dictates that they have to sell it.”
Nino, Facilitator, 35

"It is totally unacceptable, we do not have land to sell, and the Government has to finance agriculture so farmers do not have to sell their land. If foreigners can be successful farmers in Georgia why can't Georgians be, they should be supported by the Government."
Sophio, Sales Manager, 30