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What do you think about the public polls? Do you find them trustworthy?

Thursday, June 20
“Well, I think that it is a specific field. In case if a poll is conducted by a neutral side, or financed by a neutral organization, the polls are more trustworthy. It is also important where the polls are carried out, in which state and in what situation; there are lots of factors that should be taken into account. If people are afraid or do not believe in them, the poll outcomes will not be real…there are some polls and organizations that you can believe in, there are some others I do not. In general, polls can be conducted and their outcomes might be noteworthy…”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“I do not believe in polls, I think that if someone in interested in the polls, it might display outcomes that are far from reality.”
Nana, Student, 22

“I think it's important, as it provide growth of civil activities... quality and trust concerning polls depend on who makes them.”
Sophio, Social worker, 24

“Yes I think public polls are important, but I believe more in anonymous polls than in public, because people sometimes hide their true opinion.”
Natia, Student, 20

“It depends on the organization that carries out the polling. If such an organization is influential and neutral its polling results can be trusted for sure.”
Marekh, Psychologist, 34

“If they conduct the polls independently, then it can be trusted. However, I still think that it is impossible to have a guarantee for absolutely precise results or predictions. It is very important to select the rights segment, and ask proper questions and ensure that all the respondents have been chosen randomly.”
Tornike, Project Manager, 27

“I do not trust opinion polls and I do not even understand what their use is? For example, we will soon have presidential elections, right? And we are all interested in the possible results. But even if any organization will carry out polling, the percentage of the answers will not reflect the attitude of the entire population.”
Kakha, Driver, 52