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Which medium do you trust most: print, radio, TV or online? Why?

Tuesday, July 9
I hear so many lies and rumors these days that I have stopped even listening or reading any news. I just want to live my own life without taking any interest in private lives and public affairs of other people.
Ia, Housewife, 28

I trust online media more because it is the new type of medium which does not have great influence or power nowadays. This is why they try to be balanced to gain public trust.
Elene, MA Student, 23

I am a TV journalist and it is my professional respect to trust TV as a medium. Based on my own experience I can proudly say that TV is worth trusting. It is a great respect and responsibility at the same time to be a TV reporter and provide the public with truthful information about the events going on around them.
Nino, Journalist, 26

I cannot compare those various types of medium even though they all provide information because in Georgia they are differently perceived by the public. It is even hard to compare two TV outlets as they may have their own bias and prejudices. I can only wish Georgia to have a really fair and free media environment where every medium is respected according to its own deeds.
Giorgi, Dentist, 41

I trust online media because there are alternative ways to confirm reliability of information.
Nikoloz, Archaeologist, 28

I do not trust any of the media sources. All media sources have been so false recently; Ive lost all the trust I had in media.
Tata, Housewife, 29

Probably I trust in print media more than other sources, but I dont know why though.
Sandro, credit officer, 27

I do not know which media source I trust more, but I get information mostly form online sources, it is more variable than TV. All TV channels seem to be identical and air the same news in a similar way.
Mari, PR manager, 31