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Tuesday, July 16
Electronic monitoring continues in Georgia

Front News reports that the member of the special commission over the destruction of secret recordings kept at the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), Lasha Tugushi, said the “common practice” exercised by the former government aimed at listening to the telephone conversations of the citizens is still underway and all the information is transferred to the special apparatus of MIA.

Tugushi said the so-called box exists at the MIA, which automatically catches the phone calls and text messages. “Probably no one uses this anymore, but it is a fact that this ugly method still exists,” Tugushi said, stressing the need for the legislative norms against illegal listening.

According to Tugushi, the newly discovered 5, 000 secret recordings depict the activities of the leaders of political parties.

With the newly discovered 5, 000 videotapes the total amount of the secret recordings increased to 17 000.