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Do you think people should have pets at home? Why or why not?

Tuesday, July 16
“If I had a larger house I would obviously keep a cat. I love animals, but unfortunately only love is not enough. Pets need relevant food and shelter, care and entertainment, which is not that easy to afford in large cities where everyone is busy with their own jobs. I can hardly see my friends and miss even family members from week to week due to my crazy schedule, this is why I would love to have, but cannot now keep any pets.”
Ia, Journalist, 27

“I have a small daughter who loves pets very much. This is why we have a cat and a parrot. Even though I spend around ? of my salary on their food and accessories, it is still worth to have pets – in my case, my child studies how to love animals and take care of others.”
Nana, Art Specialist, 35

“Pets are cute and very lovely, but they require attention. I do not keep any pets because I’m working all day and won’t be able to take care of them.”
Mako, sales manager, 29

“I have a cat. Actually my parents found her 2 years ago, she was a kitten and grew up in our house and became a lovely member of the family. I think it is good to keep pets as they are fun to have around and very cute.”
Salo, unemployed, 24

“Always wanted to have a dog, but my parents would never allow me to bring one home. I will definitely have a dog when I move out from my parents’ house. Dog’s are good friends, they never fail to keep me in a good mood.”
Nika, BA student, 21

“I have various pets in my countryside house but I always wanted to have pets here in my apartment in Tbilisi. Unfortunately I was never allowed to have one but I will always allow my children to have pets when they become old enough to take care of them. I think having a pet at home is important for developing various personal skills and abilities.”
Eka, Housewife, 34