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Wednesday, July 17
Levan Vasadze to head Board of Trustees of Georgian Demographic Revival Fund

Netgazeti reports that the members of the board of trustees of the government-supported Georgian Demographic Revival Fund (GDRF) were introduced to the public on July 16. The board members are Father Shio Mujiri, Metropolitan of Senaki and Chkhorotzku; businessmen Levan Vasadze, Lasha Papashvili, Mamuka Khazaradze, Badri Japaridze, Zaza Nishnianidze and co-founder of Palitra Media and editor-in-chief of Kviris Palitra newspaper, Goga Tevdorashvili.

Moreover, Vasadze will become the head of the board of trustees of GDRF.

On the question of why these businessmen and the representatives of the patriarchate were chosen as the board members, one of the founders of the GDRF, Tamar Chiburdanidze, said they have a long history of cooperation with Father Shio over the demographic issues. He is our friend and he is actively engaged in these issues, Chiburdanidze said, adding that the fund actively cooperates with the patriarchate.

According to Chiburdanidze, GDRF was established with Ilia IIs blessing. We are arranging all the issues with the Patriarch and the Prime Minister, she said.

Chiburdanidze said she personally led negotiations with the businessmen. She said when they first discussed the issue in winter, Vasadze was not in Georgia, but the fund asked him to cooperate with GDRF.

We are glad that he agreed with the very first request. He is now engaged in public life and national projects, Chiburdanidze said, adding that Papashvili and Khazaradze are very good Georgians with many children. They are philanthropists and believers.

Chiburdanidze told Netagzeti that seven projects are already underway, including the issue of financial assistance for every third child which will enter in force from 2014. The couples who have problems in having children will also be provided with the medical assistance and treatment.

The fund is now working on the legislative initiatives as well. The founders of GDRF, Manama Kobakhidze, Dimitri Khundadze and Zakaria Kutsnashvili are Georgian Dream coalition MPs.