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Where do you spend hot summer days?

Wednesday, July 17
“At the present moment I am in Tbilisi, I can not leave the city now. Thus, I am at home all day long, doing some home work. We are planning soon to leave the city and to go in Tskhvariachamia, out of the city.”
Zamira, Pensioner, 71

“Luckily my family has a summerhouse in Kojory and we moved there to spend this summer.”
Tata, housewife, 29

“Currently I am in west Georgia, I have a house here. However it is too hot now. There is a river near my house and I swim there, also I meet with my friends in the evening and we drink cold beer together. For August we are planning to rest at the seaside.”
Giorgi, Student, 21

“Practically, I am at home all day long in Tbilisi.”
Lasha, Musician, 30

“Due to my current condition (I am pregnant), I spend much time at home.”
Nino, Language specialist, 24

“On the weekends I usually go somewhere out of Tbilisi. I usually visit my friend’s summerhouse in Mtskheta.”
Tatia, office manager, 25

“I usually visit Aqua park in Tbilisi, it very expensive but there is no other ways to save yourself from 40 C heat.”
Kote, IT support, 28

“I work from morning till late noon, so I have very little time to spare. However, I try to spend free evenings at Lisi Lake which is near my apartment.”
Aleko, Dentist, 31

“I do not have a job and exams are also finished, so I will go to my village in Racha for a month and then will spend around 2 weeks in Batumi. I won’t be back to Tbilisi before mid September, summer days in the city are unbearable.”
Salo, BA student, 19