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MIA presents early results on Mikautidze’s case

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, July 18
The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) published the early results of the investigation on bringing Mamuka Mikautadze to the point of suicide. The MIA general inspection concluded that there were no signs of physical pressure on behalf of the criminal police against Mamuka Mikautadze.

MIA spokesperson Nino Giorgobiani gave the media materials of the case, including photo and video footage, as well as Levan Samkharauli’s national forensics bureau report.

According to the report, no physical injuries, aside from an injury to the neck that caused Mikautadze’s death, were found on the body.

Giorgobiani stresses that a number of investigative activities were carried out – central criminal police officers, 5 soldiers and their commander of Tbilisi chief division control-checkpoint were questioned, also the doctors and experts who tested Mikautadze for drugs. Mamuka Mikautadze’s friends, colleagues and wife Zizi Edzgveradze were questioned.

Gela Manjavidze was questioned as a witness on whose case Mikautadze was questioned on July 5 as a witness. Manjavidze told investigators that the marijuana mentioned in the case belonged to him. He testifies that he offered this drug to Mikautadze as a gift on July 5, though Mikautadze refused. From the testimony of Manjavidze, it has been concluded that there was not physical or verbal abuse by police against him and Mikautadze at the moment of their detention.

Recordings of the surveillance cameras were also seized, which depict how on July 5, 2013, Mikautadze was brought in and out of Tbilisi main division administrative building. The video footage shows that no physical damage is seen on him. Due to technical problems, Mikautadze was near the post for 40 minutes. The soldiers said in their testimonies that Mikautadze did not have any physical damage.

Family members of the late man, who were stating that Mikautadze was brought to death due to police officers’ brutal actions, changed their view.

Mikautadze’s wife stressed that she familiarized herself with the materials and has no reason “to doubt them.”

“I have no reason to doubt the materials; my husband was really shown on them. I hope that the investigation will proceed transparently and fairly,” Edzgveradze said.

Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) demands the case to be investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The GYLA believes that the fact that Mikautadze’s case is being investigated by the Interior Ministry leaves questions regarding the effectiveness and independence of the investigation, which must be immediately addressed.

“According to the ECHR case law, whenever there is a reasonable doubt that the crime has been committed by the state authorities, in order for the investigation to be an effective and independent investigation, it must be carried out by a different agency.

Mikautadze committed suicide on July 5, after being interrogated at the police department. According to his family members he called them before his death and told them that police officers made him give false evidence against his friend Gela Manjavidze through torture.