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Fire at Tbilisi Aqua Park

By Keti Arjevanidze
Thursday, July 18
Around 1, 000 square meters of Tbilisi Aqua Park burned as fire broke out late at night on July 16. The fire ended without any casualties. However the cause of the fire has not been decided and the specialists are assessing the damage. Dozens of fire fighters were attempting to localize the fire since the evening.

Even though the fire damaged half of the attractions and bungalows located on the territory of Aqua Park, the administration of the park says they will do their best to restore the park during the summer.

Aqua Park lawyer, Amiran Giguashvili thinks the fire was set on purpose; however, the official reason of fire will be named after the investigation is over.

“We do not exclude anything, the National Bureau of Expertise is involved in the process and it will make it clear whether it was an accident or done on purpose,” Giguashvili said.

Several employees of the Aqua Park that witnessed the fire have been questioned, but detailed information is not known yet.

Giguashvili explained that the park is owned by a company registered in Cyprus, thus the direct owner is not currently in Georgia. However, the director of the park, Akaki Sulkhanishvili, said the park has been insured.

The head of the Municipal Department of Emergency Situations of Tbilisi City Hall, Temur Giorgadze, said it was hard to deal with the fire as several objects were burning simultaneously.

An investigation is underway.