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Batumi beach and Boulevard: 50 GEL-penalty for littering

Wednesday, July 31
A 50 GEL-penalty has been introduced for littering on the Batumi Boulevard and beach, with the boulevard administration providing oversight using the General Administrative Code of Georgia. Administration employees are tasked with issuing fines in cases of individuals leaving cigarette butts, sunflower seeds, bottles and other types of waste then sending the report to the court. Boulevard Technical Oversight and Control Service Main Specialist, Zurab Devadze, said the court has approved all acts issued by the administration employees so far, charging the involved individuals with a 50 GEL-penalty.

The Boulevard staff is also carrying out warning measures, but the beach still appeared to become littered with empty bottles and other types of waste. Litter could even be found five meters away from trash bins near Boulevard area and the beach. (Georgian News)