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Wednesday, July 31
Patrol called at the Turtle Lake

Netgazeti reports that dozens of people opposed to removal of saplings from the territory of the Turtle Lake. The owner of the area called for the patrol police, while the citizens opposing to this decision increased.

The saplings removed from the so-called “squirrels’ territory” at the Turtle Lake have been put on the trucks. The area where the Koloriti Company plans to build a restaurant has been enclosed; the trucks pulling and transporting the plants have entered the enclosed territory.

The citizens, opposing to the withdrawal of the young plants blocked the entrances to the enclosed territory with their cars and Koloriti called the police. The protesters demanded a meeting with the owners of the Koloriti.

The police officers said the Mayor’s Office had given the permission for pulling out the young plants form the territory if only the saplings would not have been damaged. However, the protesters claimed, the trees pulled out in July would by all means get dry.

Tsulukiani says it is time to use the new Labor Code

“Employees, it is time to use the new code,” Georgian Justice Minister, Tea Tsulukiani said presenting the new print version of the Labor Code. According to Interpressnews, Tsulukiani said a lot of employers who have been used to making their employees work for extra hours, continue exercising the same.

This is why, the Minister encouraged people to consider the new labor code in practice. Tsulukiani explained that the new code somehow ensures balance between the employers and employees; while its previous version gave more powers and rights to employers, not employees.

“Now the employees have important basic rights, like the right to know why they are being dismissed, that they can apply to the court and have a normalized working day,” Tsulukiani stated. She said this is only the beginning of the reforms as the works will be launched on protection of women’s rights from September, 2013.