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Are you good at driving a car, and which car would you prefer in terms of safety?

Wednesday, July 31
“I neither know how to drive, nor have money to buy a car; however, if it comes to the taste, I would not refuse having a Mercedes Jeep.”
Ekaterine, Journalist, 31

“I cannot drive. I don't have a car but I'd prefer something safe (with 8 airbags) and comfortable, because anything can happen when you are on the road.”
Sophio, Writer, 25

“Yes I am a pretty good driver. I've had a driving license since I was 20. Unfortunately currently I do not have my own car but if I decide to buy one, I'd buy Mercedes C Class/240.”
Diana,PR Manager,30

I can drive and I think passengers should feel safe in my car. I really love BMW cars, it is something I've been addicted to from my childhood, as my elder brother had a BMW, but they are not safe enough if the driver is not experienced.”
Tamar, project manager, 26

“I have no idea witch car would be the safest, neither can I drive, but hope to get my license soon, I'm planning to purchase one of the Volkswagen models.”
Khatia, service agent, 31

“No, I don not have a driving license but I know many brands and their advantages and disadvantages. I can name safe brands such as Mercedes, Toyota, etc; while one cannot rely on BMW.”
Gvantsa, Translator, 27

“I bought my car about 7 months ago, I'm not a good driver, but I always try to be attentive on our roads. My car is a right-hand drive, but I still feel really safe in it.”
Sophio, sales manager, 30