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New documentary about the Russian Georgian War

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, August 14
A new documentary film about the events of the August War of 2008 is being prepared in Georgia. The director of the new documentary is Toma Chagelishvili. At a press conference held at the RIA Novosti center, he told the media that he started working on the film three months ago. He highlighted that his task is to show the public why this war has taken a place, what was the situation in the region and to help answer some questions over this issue. It will not only be the Georgian opinion. The director hopes to finish shooting the film by the end of this year. As Chagelishvili said at the press conference, negotiations with the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy and former Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, as well as the then US Vice President Dick Cheney and other key figures. Chagelishvili also mentioned that the most difficult is to contact the officials of the Russian Defense Ministry.