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How often do you visit the doctor?

Wednesday, August 14
“To tell the truth, I have never made a preventive visit to doctors. The reason is not that I am lazy, in general, health–related consultations or services are too expensive in Georgia and salaries are too low. If I do not have some real problems, I refrain from paying a visit to the doctor. I also think that our health system requires serious reform."
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“Well, in case I have a problem I visit a doctor. However, when I had some doubts concerning a certain illness I make preventive analyses as well.”
Teimuraz, Physicist, 29

“I do not visit doctors despite the fact that I am a doctor. Sometimes I have money, but do not have enough time to visit for consultations. I made only blood tests last year, nothing more. Doctors are expensive for people. It is sad, but this is reality.”
Nana, Doctor, 22

“I have never done any preventive consultations or tests at the hospital.”
Lile, PR Manager, 35

"I do visit doctor, but not often, the problem must disturb me to take this step. In other occasions I am self-treating."
Tatia, Econonomist, 28

“Unfortunately for me I visit doctor very rarely, only when I have some pain. I think that this not only depends on ignoring my health. The doctors in Georgia have lost the confidence in the eyes of patients.”
Keti, Linguist, 23