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Monday, August 19
Tea Sichinava moves from Maestro to Imedi TV

Liberali reports that the head of the news service of Imedi TV, Baia Tsanava, has confirmed the information that journalist Tea Sichinava and her production team are moving to Imedi TV. However, the information that yet another journalist of Maestro TV, Nino Zhizhilashvili, is also moving to Imedi TV has not been confirmed.

One of the founders of Maestro and Maestro 24, Mamuka Ghlonti, has said via his Facebook that it is one of “the wings” of the new government that has started to fight against the TV Company. Ghlonti said this “wing” aims at making Maestro leave the playground as one of the strongest media players.

Without giving particular names, Ghlonti reminded them that Maestro TV has solid values that have even protected the company from the United National Movement (UNM).

Maestro faced financial problems several months ago. At first the TV Company sent regional reporters on unpaid vacations, and later – the staff of the news broadcasting.

According to the news portal Media.Ge, the shares of the owners of the company have been sequestered since 2011.