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What do you think about the election of Lado Papava as the new head of TSU and what do you think needs to be changed at the university?

Monday, August 19
“I do not know anything about this election. However, TSU really needs changes. The curriculum and syllabus also need to be changed so that it would match both the needs of the students and the international standards.”
Keti, Psychologist, 21

“I do not know anything about the new head of TSU, Lado Papava and his background, but the only thing I can say is that nothing can be done with TSU.”
Giorgi, Blogger, 27

“I am not familiar with Papava’s biography this is why I cannot judge him, but in general, any changes carried out at any university should be matched with the interests of the students by all means.”
Shako, BA Student, 20

“I think Papava was the best candidate for this position. I will hesitate from naming them but some of the participant seemed really crazy.”
Eka, Reporter, 35

“At the present moment I have not enough information concerning Lado Papava…time will show how he will get read with the situation. In general, changes are required at the university.”
Shota, Student, 22

“ As far as I know he is a good specialist and a good person…I cannot say much regarding the desirable changes at the university, there are much things to be changed, however, there are many competent people who have more information and knowledge concerning the issue than me … it will be nice if those people are listened to…”
Giorgi, Dentist, 31

“I like Lado Papava.”
Zaza, Security specialist, 35

"I know this person only as a political figure, so I don't know what he will be able to do for the university; however, in my opinion many things must be changed, but first of all TSU needs it's autonomy back, and then reworking of education system."
Tamar, Economist, 26