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Wednesday, August 21
Prosecutor rule out connection between the cases of two murdered girls

Batumelebi reports that prosecutor Ramaz Shavadze ruled out any connections between the murder and disappearance of two girls in a 15-day interval. Mariam Kochaliani, 16, was killed in Batumi on July 23, while on August 7, Darejan Diasamidze, 17, has disappeared from the village nearby Batumi. However, police are still searching for her.

There are a lot of opinions why the case of murder and the loss have not yet been opened. Locals of Batumi discuss these issues every day and connect the two cases with each other.

Prosecutor Shavadze, who monitors the murder case of Kochaliani answers all the rumors saying there is not any connection between the two cases. “We are waiting for the results of the expertise, afterwards we will make conclusions over the Kochaliani case,” he said.

Shavadze is confident that the murderer of Kochaliani is really an Iranian citizen and the prosecutor’s office will soon present the evidence to the court.

The law enforcement also does not specify whether Kochaliani was familiar with her murderer or not. However, people are interested as to whether they had become acquainted via the internet; if the late girl had written anything about her murderer in the copy-book found at the place of her murder and did they communicate on the phone.

According to law enforcement, they refrain from providing answers to these questions to protect the interests of the investigation. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia said Kochaliani’s murderer is being investigated by Interpol.

Darejan Diasamidze is being searched for by the regional police at this stage.