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What do you think about PM’s decision to close TV9/Info9?

Wednesday, August 21
"I hope the stuff will be compensated and people will be able to find a new job shortly. To be honest I do not watch TV frequently so I am not really bothered by the fact that there will be one less TV channel in the country.”
Anna, Operator, 26

“The PM should try to sell it to a good owner, especially now, when the election days are closer and balanced information is so important for the society.”
Salome, Journalist, 24

“The PM is a businessman and he can do whatever he wants with his business. However, the staff has received the wrong message – they feel humiliated as if they were used for the election purposes.”
Eka, Writer, 37

“According to the PM’s decision it is awkward from his side to own the station. However, based on his statement, he intends to leave his position soon…if he really leaves politics and controlling of the government from the civil sector I think that the television would be very helpful for him in this regard.”
Merab, employed, 35

“Channel 9 was the property of the PM and his family members. Thus, they had a right to make any decision concerning the channel… However, as a journalist I would assess the fact negatively, as the decision will not assist in media-plurality in Georgia. I will miss Channel 9 as an ordinary citizen, because many quality media products were being created on the channel. I hope that the channel will have a new owner and it will continue functioning. I also hope that the channel will be as editorially free and it was …”
Zviad, Journalist, 27

“Maybe it is acceptable that the current Prime Minister will not be the owner of the TV channel. However, it is bad news that the channel closes…I welcome the statement of Vasil Maghlaperidze and hope that the initiative will be taken into account.”
Avtandil, Economist, 28