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Police stop & search uncovers illegal weapons

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, August 27
The Ministry of Interior Affairs commented over the frequent stopping and checking of people in the streets. Certain citizens expressed their dissatisfaction concerning this fact through media outlets.

“I was driving a car in Saburtalo district. The police stopped me, asked for my ID, and checked my pockets and my car. When I asked the reason for such behaviour they told me nothing,” IPN writes the comments of one citizen.

The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association called on the MIA to provide a reason for these stop and searches.

Head of the Young Lawyers’ Association, Kakha Kozhoridze, stated that the police have a right to carry out raids in certain circumstances.

“When there is a special or war situation, or when the police search criminals to arrest them… the action should be strengthened by a reasonable doubt,” GYLA chair said.

Kozhoridze states that it is unknown whether the police had a reasonable doubt or not. “It would be interesting to know how the police would explain the actions,” Kozhoridze said.

Later on the MIA commented on the issue. "The Ministry of Internal Affairs would like to thank the population of Tbilisi for cooperation and herewith, would like to apologize for the inconvenience due to the preventive measures held by the Ministry of Internal Affairs,” MIA statement reads.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs informed citizens that as a result of these preventive measures, which lasted several days, dozens of illegal firearms have been seized.

The ministry called on everyone to abstain from making statements which are aimed to discredit the police.

“The police are highly motivated to ensure public security in a round-the-clock regime, act in accordance with the law and conduct preventive measures,” the ministry said.

On the same day, ministry announced the detainment of several citizens. The officers of Tbilisi division of Patrol Police Department detained an individual for the illegal possession of firearms.

Law enforcers detained him on Kekelidze Street. During his personal search police seized a “CZ 75” pistol which was unregistered and a magazine with a cartridge.

There was some other information as well on the detention of an individual for the illegal purchase and possession of firearms.