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What do you think concerning the Minaret issue ongoing in Adigeni region?

Thursday, August 29
“I think locals should be more tolerant to Muslims. No one would tolerate if one of the churches was removed.”
Nina, BA student, 20

“I’m not aware of the details. All I can say is that everyone should have a chance to enjoy its freedom of religion.”
Ana, administrative assistant, 29

An absolute majority of the population is Christian in Georgia and it is natural that we are not happy to see large number of mosques and minarets in the country, but we should not turn into a violent people and we should respect others’ faith.”
Irina, interpreter, 30

“The situation is quite obscure. There are enough mosques and other constructions for various religious people living in Georgia. If those people were warned to present documents concerning the building, they should have. Everyone should obey the law. Muslim residents stated that they had some information concerning the illegality and built the minaret anyway…I was really irritated by the statement made by the president. He directly hinted on confrontation on religious grounds... that is unacceptable.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 26

“I am really concerned over the recent facts of violence between Christians and Muslims in Georgia. I think the administration and church should be more active and do everything to resolve the problem peacefully and to make sure so no rights of either side is violated.”
Levan, legal associate, 27

“I think that there was some very ordinary situation. The construction was illegal and it was temporality removed. However, due to the actions of Muslim Georgians, and some others as well, the fact was given some other connotation. “
Ekaterine, Lawyer, 30

“I think that there are signs of provocation. Someone wants to create confrontation on religious basis.”
Zviad, Journalist, 28